Bosch 2200cc Injectors by TDC

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EV14 Bosch based injector body 2000cc injector.  We have searched and tested many injectors here at TDC and we now have a series of injectors we are proud to stand behind and use in ANY vehicle.

These injectors operate from 4BAR to 9BAR and provide an outstanding spray pattern and optimization.

Flow rates are pressure based and will flow up to 2800cc of fuel reliably.

Each set is flow balanced to be within 1% of each other to provide consistent cylinder to cylinder tuning and stability.

These injectors are High Impedance ONLY, we will not be offering a low impedance version.

We do not recommend using fuels with MTBE in these injectors.

Please understand these are not a stock off the shelf injector, these are injectors that have been modified for High Performance automotive use.

All data is included in the package to set up your set for your vehicle.  Clips, pins, pigtails included.

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