Turbo Blanket

TDC Performance



Here at TDC we are all about keeping the heat to a minimum under the hood.  We have tried many different options for reducing under hood temps for the turbo cars.  Of all the options weve tried these turbo blankets have been our best test subject.

We tested these on all of our shop cars and put them through the wringer.  We can proudly say that after a quarter mile pull you can lean against these blankets with your arm and not get burned.

We offer these in 2 sizes, T3 sized and T4 sized.  T4 will fit a T6 frame housing but is snug.

Blankets feature an 2 layer inner liner for protection and a single layer outer layer for both protection, durability and appearance.

These are not a cheap foreign made product, we have these made for us here in the USA.   

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