TDC AEM V2 Base Tune File

TDC Performance

$50.00 $60.00


This file is for the AEM Series 2 ECU.

A TDC AEM file will ensure proper startup calibration for your vehicle.  Our files are a great way to get ahead of the game and save some time.  Our calibrations are built from the many years experience using this system and the large amount of cars tuned.  Rest assured you are purchasing a solid investment for the future tuning of your vehicle.

This file will be sent via email as there is nothing to ship.

Please include the following information when ordering this specific file:

AEM series 2 ECU number-

Engine Displacement-

Engine Compression-

Camshaft type-

Injector size and brand-

Map sensor-

Intake manifold-


Please include any other pertinent build information in the contact form when ordering.

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