TDC Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

TDC Performance



At TDC Performance our main focus is High Performance Racing applications.  To power those applications we need fuel and sometimes our fuel systems need some maintenance.  We are now offering Fuel Injector cleaning services at our location in Mobile Alabama.

Our process consists of:

- Visual inspection and OHM testing for any damage

- Baseline test for original condition as received

- 3 phase Ultrasonic cleaning

- Reverse high pressure flush

- Forward High pressure flush

- Flow testing

- Spray pattern consistency

- Leak test

- Final flow numbers and lube for storage or shipping

As high performance EFI enthusiasts we understand the needs for a properly balanced fuel system. The following are some areas we cover but are not limited to.

- Auto both racing and standard daily driven vehicles

- Marine applications

- Personal Watercraft

- Motorcycles


With the nature of some Racing fuels and standard E10 pumpgas it is a good idea to have your fuel system checked and injectors cleaned on a time schedule to prevent damage and down time.

Boat not coming up on plane?  Bogging?  Restore power with a freshly cleaned set of injectors.

Been using ethanol based fuel?  Clean the buildup that collects over time from your injectors with a thorough cleaning.


Price is per injector, please select the amount desired to be cleaned as well as a return shipping address in your order.

In most cases injectors can be cleaned and returned same day if received by 10am.

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