About us

Welcome to TDC Performance, your Gulf Coast leader in EFI technology.   

TDC Performance is located in the heart of the Gulf Coast in Mobile Alabama.  We specialize in High Performance Forced Induction Applications but also work and build Nitrous and N/A vehicles as well.

With a culmination of over 30 years in the industry and record setting history we strive to bring you cutting edge technology and amazing customer service.

    Here at TDC Performance we offer a variety of services that will surely fit your needs. 

    Here is a list of some of our services:

    -Parts both aftermarket and OEM

    -Custom fabrication and precision welding, both MIG and TIG.

    -Installations of almost any part, component or kit

    -In house Dyno Tuning

    -ECU reflashing, socketing, and chipping

    -Suspension tuning

    -Track tuning

    TDC Performance planted its roots in racing by campaigning a FWD Honda civic, setting numerous records with that chassis it was only a matter of time until a new platform and challenge came about.  Moving on to RWD and 2JZ TDC has campaigned several vehicles and had great success.  Also worth noting is the great appreciation for the DSM and AWD community.  Our extensive knowledge on this platform has led us to be very effective and proficient in keeping them running well, and also going fast.

    We also specialize in OEM repair maintenance as maintenance is key to not only a daily driver but a race prepped vehicle as well.  We perform routine maintenance on all vehicles as well as driveline and tires.


    Please don't hesitate to call our sales department at 251-661-6067

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